Certified Training Programmes

Global ACE Scheme offers certified training programmes that has been align to KSA descriptors.  Below is the listing on the Certified Training Progammes that we provide to all. 

Certified Programme Brochure

CSAP (Certified Secured Applications Professional)

Certified Secure Application Professional (CSAP) is a 4 days hands-on training and certification programme that designed specifically to understand the basics of cryptography; presenting the main ideas in simple language. Important areas are highlighted, such as Stream Cipher, block ciphers, public key algorithms, digital signatures, and applications as well as a historical look at the field. More info...

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  CISAM (Certified Information Security Awareness Manager)

Certified Information Security Awareness Manager (CISAM) is a 2 days hands-on training and certification programme that provides the essential know-how, enabling information security professionals to develop and manage an effective security awareness programme for their organization. More info...

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  CISMS (Certified Information Security Management System - Auditor )

Certified Information Security Management System (CISMS) is a 3 days hands-on training and certification programme that will be explored more deeply on the objectives of having ISMS Audit and explain the responsibilities and roles of an Internal Auditor in maintaining the effectiveness of controls; and improvement of the management system in ISO/IEC 27001:2013. More info...

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  CDFFR (Certified Digital Forensics First Responder)

Certified Digital Forensic for First Responder (CDFFR) is a 4 days hands-on training and certification programme that intended for officers who identify and seize digital evidence at crime scene. This course will teach in-depth, with hands-on practices in class, on the methods of seizing and acquiring digital evidence. More info...

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  CPT (Certified Penetration Tester)

Certified Penetration Tester is 3 days hands-on training and certification programme that enable the participants handle the vulnerability assessment and penetration test for their customers. More info...

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