Cyber Security Modular Professional Certification Framework


The Cyber Security Modular Professional Certifications through the NOSS project is an initiative to develop cyber security practitioners and professionals with multiple skillsets.

  • The relevant Global ACE Scheme professional certifications are aligned with the Advance Diploma Competency Unit (CU) syllabus during design.
  • Embed Global ACE Scheme certified examinations with JPK’s PPA assessment requirements.
  • Acquired Global ACE Scheme Professional Certifications namely CIPA, CITA and CPT to fulfil 5 Core CUs and either CSAP or CCDA certification to fulfil the elective CUs.
  • Upon passing the relevant Global ACE Scheme certified examinations, candidate is eligible to apply for JPK’s Partial Certification leading towards the full DLKM (Advance Diploma) certification of in Penetration Testing & Assessment.



The applicant must have:

  1. At least 7 years of working experience in Cyber Security related areas;
  2. Passed the self-assessment, SISTEM KREDIT KEMAHIRAN MALAYSIA (SKKM) according to the requested module/ CUs;