KSA Descriptor


KSA Descriptor (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude) is a reference to identify skills, knowledge and attitude required for professionals in the Cyber Security field.


KSA Descriptors core function as:

  1. A reference for training providers to facilitate development of suitable training courses relevant to the identified roles and functions;

  2. A reference for the development of examination questions to effectively assess the identified job roles and functions;

  3. A reference for developing professional trainers able to effectively deliver training in line with the requirements of the identified job roles and functions.


KSA Descriptors prescribe a particular set of skills that a cyber security professional must possess to fulfill their role. Global ACE Scheme defines competency as a skill equipped with relevant knowledge associated with it. KSA Descriptors are written in a manner that enables “transferability of skills” between job functions. It is flexible to encourage lifelong learning and to easily accommodate career change in the cyber security field.

The number of descriptors in the framework is extendable. This will take into account industry according to industry requirement as and when they arise .This framework refers to Bloom’s taxonomy to ensure the levelling complies with international norms and maintain consistency across descriptors.